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Effective Papers: Essay On Photography

The first article that I read was written by Robert Sullivan. The photograph that moved me the most from this collection was on page 27. This photograph was taken in Bosnia in 1993-1994. In this photo, a dead soldier is being ritually washed at a make-shift morgue outside of a mosque before he is buried. Not only is the deceased soldier moving in and of himself, but also there are intense diagonals created by the minaret of the mosque, which had fallen over due to Serbian artillery fire, in the background. The damaged structure looms over the two gentlemen washing the body of the soldier in an ominous fashion. What is a position essay? of light and shadow in this photograph also contribute to its powerful appearance. We Can Write Custom Essays on Photography for You! Chapter 29 out of the book The Informed Eye, entitled Transcendental Pictures with photographs by Dorothea Lange, was the second article that I read. The photograph that affected me the most from this article was Lange's Migrant Mother, Nipomo, California, 1936. The visual qualities, such as the strong use of light and shadow and the frame created by the children, enhance the affects of the photograph.

The most important elements of the photograph are, however, the tattered migrant mother and her children. The position of the two older children's bodies related to the mother show their pain and sorrow as well as their dependency on their mother. The younger child in the mother's arms is dirty and appears unhealthy. Not only do the mother's clothes appear worn out, but also the mother's face has the same tired, worn out appearance. This photograph portrays the hardships that a migrant mother and her children face. Having read these articles and seen these images, I believe that photographs are art. Just because the process is chemical does not mean that one can take away the artistic qualities of photographs. It is true that photography can be used for aesthetic purposes, but photography plays many roles. After aesthetic use, photography can be used to document a situation, event, etc. It can be used for a hobby; for example, taking pictures of friends and putting them on a poster board. So, while photographs are art, they also play many other roles. As far as my relation to photography, I took photography classes at my high school. As a result of these classes I have dealt with photography a good deal. I still have a continuous interest in photography to this day. All free online essays, sample essays and essay examples on the Photography topics are plagiarized and cannot be completely used in your school, college or university education. We work with experienced PhD and Master's freelance writers to help you with writing any academic papers in any subject! We guarantee each customer great quality and no plagiarism!

To further ensure Abraham's line, Isaac marries within his kin group who live outside the area of Canaan. So Rebekah, his future wife that has been arranged for him by his mother, comes to live with Isaac and his family in Canaan. In most likeliness Rebekah is also a parallel cousin of Isaac. They later have twin sons, who show great examples how the rules can be changed. Esau, the eldest son came out of the womb only a few minutes earlier then Jacob, the second born. Interestingly, Jacob became the favorite son of Rebekah, and through tricks on Jacob and Rebekah's part, the youngest son again, becomes the inheritor. First Esau trades his birthright to Jacob for food, thus loosing the rights that enable the firstborn and then with the help of his mother, Jacob tricks his elderly father to give his blessing to him. This blessing only due to the oldest son, and there is only one blessing a father could give. Jacob

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